for the sake of adding a post,

this is a journal post. say hi guys.

JUST KIDDING GUYS. D’YOU THINK I WAS SERIOUS? TROLOLOLOL (although I would seriously appreciate it if you really did comment and say hi)

Honey bunches of oats taste good. (it’s a cereal)
Without milk.

Ooooh yeahhh. :iconohyeahplz:

I haven’t written an actual entry in a while.
And I have a shitload of homework to do.

Weeeell, anywayi’mgonnagospazoutaboutkpopandwatchsomekoreandramassokthnxbai

(please don’t shoot me)


Long time no see there, buds.


Long time no see. (As usual)

You’re probably expecting some long-winded excuse from me about how I didn’t post for a long time, but I has no excuse.

But one.


Yeah. I made a tumblr. ;D Go follow it. I post on that more than here now since it’s so much easier.

Anyway, I’m gonna rant about a newly released song! (This is on tumblr too)


So SHINee’s new song “Kiss Kiss Kiss” came out today! :’D

So happy. I listened to it on youtube, it was so adorable~! >w<

Plus I love how different their voices are, yet they still work out great! c: The piano intro is great too. I’ll put the song up after this. The lyrics are so sweet, too. :3

Taemin’s voice has matured so much! Just saying. Jonghyun and Onew were fantastic, as usual, Key (my bias XD) was awesome 😀 and Minho…I think I died inside hearing his rap XD It’s so low I can barely hear it! 😮

Curse you SM, for not giving Minho not enough lines!!! >.>

I’m no Japanese (after all, I DID say I was Chinese), but I’m guessing their pronounciation is pretty good. Eh. Whatever. I’ll just put the song up now >.>  >>  SHINee – Kiss Kiss Kiss (FULL)
Unfortunately, WordPress is an ass and won’t let me upload .mpg files. So I’ll give you the link to the (did I mention full version?) song.






So confuzzled.

Man, it feels like every single time I log on to WordPress (which is like, never), it changes it layout.


Anyway, I just got back from a chorus concert (it was our last one :’c all my friends who are leaving this year, goodbye and I lovies you!) and I am frikkin’ tired. I still got homework to do, though. (I HATE BOOKS TEACHERS MAKE US READ) And I gotta shower, too. (brb)


HEY GAIZ I’M BAAAAACK~! 8D From a nice, hot shower.

With more homework to do.

And it’s 10:05 PM. (20:05 for those not in America)



Immuna end this overly short short short short short VERY short post now.

Off to do homework and gonna go to hell for not doing it now,


I made a switch :D;;


So this isn’t related to my youtube account (tokanie), but I just wanted to update my blog and spam your email inboxes. 8D

Has anyone noticed that I made this HUGE switch in music? (Not counting my friends of course XD) Because if no one did, I’ll feel lonely.

Oh, but then again, how would you know? 8D;;

Yeah. From Japanese moosic (AKA Vocaloid an’ stuff) to Korean moosic. But I still liek Japanese moosic :dummy:
But srs. K-pop music videos are EPIK. WITH A CAPITAL K.
Liek dood, I have a whole playlist of em on youtube.

Plus and azn playlist ;D

But I love the wariety in music. I mean, just look. From sweet and absolutely cute to badass and sexy to sad love stories in songs to very american-ish moosic to epik dance moosic to srsly girly and cute ones. It doesn’t matter about the number of people. There are even 13 people in this boy band.

That was a lot of links. (phew)

Just watch!


Korean Chocolate Ice Cream – the most epik thing I’ve ever tasted


Korean ice cream.


I’m gonna die of ecstasy. Liek srs

It’s pretty obvious that I’m eating KOREAN CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM but yeah. I’m eating ice cream.

That’s Korean.

That’s chocolate.

Which is what makes it SO FUCKING EPIC. I died of happiness on the first bite. But then it took so long to effing write this post the ice cream started to melt.

Melted Korean chocolate ice cream even tastes like heaven.

Ohey. And by the way (in case you don’t know me like my friends do (I HOPE you don’t know that well if I don’t know you o.e)), I’m into Korean music. 😀
Korean music videos are so. Effing. INTENSE. Like my god. If there’s dancing in it, it’s SUPAH SUPAH INTENSE. Liek srs.
I’m also especially into Jpop music. And Kpop. And Cantopop. And Cpop.

And pretty much every other asian song out there. (HOLY FUCK I THINK I’M OBSESSED SLDGJDSFHGBG /shot)

Yeaaaah…I’m obsessed.
Curse you, influence of asian friends.

But that’s a-okay. Cuz I like this obsession. (But I’ll still be forever loyal to manga, don’t worry.)

OHOHOHOH and and and and and and and umumumumumum
I had to put my epik Korean chocolate ice cream away D;
I’m sad now.
And I just found out that my rabbit/bunny (I don’t get the difference) managed to break into the bathroom and chew on the bathroom rug and poop on it.

Well, at least it’s not the edible kind. The edible poop is squishy. Normal poop is like little round brown balls. (WAIT THAT CAME OUT WRONG)

Bleh. I yelled at her. I don’t think she understood me. *sigh*



Ohey, I died

I died. ‘Nuff said.

In case NOBODY noticed AT ALL, two more pages have been added. It’s called deviantART and the other is Chibi Collection, fyi.

=w= I’m gonna make this a short post. The only purpose for this was to notify everyone about the two pages and to actually make an UPDATE so people won’t have to see the “Nigh night, 2010” post or whateverthefuckitwascalled.
PFFF I fail XD

So immuna go ice skating with with two of my best friends, Jenn and Robin. They’re liek epik people. Srs. And then I’m gonna watch them fall to hell/their death/their asses later today. AND THEN I’m gonna teach em how to skate. 8D


Time To Go Beddy Bye, 2010.


It’s already the last day of 2010… I’m amazed.

A lot of things has happened this year…people have turned old, new life has been born , new friends, stupid family, depression, new art, chocolate, ice skating, swimming, meeting moar people on the web, meeting moar people irl, breathing, sitting down, getting embarrassed, got detention, became moar asian, meeting moar people in general, ranting, being random, fangasming, fart, buttfuck, sticking a bomb up your vagina, joking around, filming videos, getting scratched by a cat, getting scratched by a cat and getting a scar, drinking water, being random, being weird, sushi, sticking another bomb up your vagina, watching….stuff…, completing the Professor Layton game you’ve been playing for liek 3 months, crying about the ending because it was so sad, etc. …all happening somewhere in the world o.e

I’m sad this year had to go by so quickly. I’m really excited for what’s gonna and might happen for the next 365 days, and I’m planning it all out slowly.
Take right now for an example. Right now I’m planning what I’m gonna do tomorrow. But I already finished that so I’m planning what I’m gonna do on my birfday. But that’s already planned out so I’m planning what I’m gonna do on May 27th. (I already finished planning the days before that )

So I’m probably gonna end this long, random, stupid, annoying, pointless, overly long and boring end of the year rant.

…Sooo….long story short, I love you guys and have the happiest 2011 you’ll ever have.

But I’m planning on spending my New Year’s surrounded by people I love…which is not happening right now.


Actually, thinking back on this year, there isn’t really much. Once you reflect back on your life, you’ll realize that it was really pathetic and stupid.

But that’s just me, of course.
Just don’t look back on your life till the last moment of your life. Actually, don’t look back on it at all. It’s alright to reflect on the past month or year, but don’t ever look back on your whole entire lifespan that you’ve lived up till now.

You’ll probably feel pathetic.

And low self-esteem.

And stupid.

And annoying.

And bad.

And guilty.

And very stupid.

And unsatisfied.

…But that’s just me.


Time to go to sleep, 2010. We’ll never forget you.

Happy New Years, whoever is reading this!